WebTMA 7 11/08/2022 Release

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Import AutoCAD Changes to WebTMA Using New Module





Path:  Admin > CAD Import


Summary:  If you use AutoCAD drawings in your organization, you can import changes made to your drawings into the related WebTMA records.


AutoCAD licensed users who have the WebTMA-CAD plug-in installed can purchase a license for the new module. In addition to the Space Management WebTMA license, you need users with appropriate API permissions to import the changes.

When all requirements are met, you can link your AutoCAD floor plans to WebTMA.

When floor plans are updated in AutoCAD, you can export the data to WebTMA and review details before you decide to update any Area records in WebTMA.

Inspection Findings Module Added to Capital Planning



Path:  Transactions > Request > Inspection Findings


Summary:  Inspection Findings allows you to perform Safety and Condition assessments that can be translated into Projects, Audits, and Work Orders.


Inspection Findings is similar to the Request Log window, but Inspection Findings have their own list of Request Types.

To make a new Request Type available in the Inspection Findings window, go to Lookups > Request Type and mark the Inspection Findings check box.

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