WebTMA 7 02/21/2023 Release

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GIS Module Enhancements



Path: File > GIS Map View


Path: File > GIS Map View


Path: Admin > GIS > GIS Map



Summary: New features have been added to Map View: You can now create a Work Order or a Request directly from a map item; you can use a WO Browse query to simulate a layer on the Map View page; and administrators can rearrange map Feature Layers as needed, especially when new layers are added.


On the GIS Map View page, users can select the Create Work Order or Create Work Request button for any map item to easily create records for that item. Selecting the buttons opens the window in Add mode with the fields pre-populated. NOTE: The Feature Layer popup must include only one record to use this button successfully.

On the GIS Map View page, users can choose a WO Browse Query and select the Draw button to see the results directly on the map.

On the GIS Map page, administrators can use the up and down arrows in the Layers Section to determine how the layers appear on the Feature Layers in Map View. This is especially helpful when you add more layers to the map and want to keep the list of layers in a logical order.

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