WebTMA 7 05/02/2023 Release

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New User Interface (UI) Settings


Path: Admin > Client Info / Preferences



Path: Admin > User Management / Preferences


Summary: The new Login and Home pages described below become available when settings are completed in Client Info / Preferences and User or Group / Preferences. Once you make the settings, communicate the changes with users in advance to avoid confusion.


Steps to enable the new pages:

  1. Go to Client Info / Preference in the Login section.
  2. Grant Redirect client to new login page when using subdomained route.
  3. Log out of the application.
  4. Relaunch the application to see the new Login page.
  5. Log in from the new Login page.
  6. Go to User Management / Preferences or User Management > Groups / Preferences.
  7. Grant New UI/UX.

NOTE: The User Preference for UI/UX is not visible unless you log in from the new Login page.

New Home Page User Interface (UI)


New Home Page – Default View




Top Menu




Filter Field




Work Order View




Active Tasks View














Summary: A dynamic new Home Page is now available. You have the option of switching between My Dashboard and this new page.  Note that your system administrator grants permission to see this new feature.


The new page is designed for quick visibility and easy access to your high priority items such as Work Orders and Active Tasks.

To see the new Home Page, select the webtma_icon.png WebTMA 7 icon.

At the upper right of the new Home Page, select the quick_action_button_.png Quick Action button to quickly create any of the following:

  • New Work Order
  • New Purchase Order
  • New Purchase Requisition

The new Home Page has two views:

  • Work Orders (default)
  • Active Tasks

Any time you want to revert to My Dashboard, select the My_Dashboard_button.png My Dashboard button at the top right.

The menu at the top of the Home Page is the same with the addition of an hamburger_icon.png icon you can select to display a Filter field and search the entire application.


The Summary section of the default Work Order view shows a summary of all Work Orders with these statuses:

  • Open
  • Overdue
  • Finished
  • Unassigned

Select one of the buttons to display a list of the underlying work orders in the Work Order Tasks section.

Use the filter_icon.png Filter buttons at the top of the columns to see the desired Work Orders.  You may also take action by marking the check box on a Work Order(s) and choosing one of the following buttons from the top right of the list:

update_status_button.png Update Status: Update the Status of the WO

assign_technician_button.png Assign Technician(s): Assign a technician to the WO

update_due_date_button.png Update Due Date: Update the Due Date on the WO

export_to_csv_button.png Export to CSV: Export to a csv file

print_button.png Print: Print the WO


The Active Tasks view shows a Due Date Breakdown and an Active Task List.

In the Due Date Breakdown section, you see all your active tasks categorized by the following statuses:

  • Overdue
  • Today
  • Next 7 Days
  • After 7 Days
  • No Due Date

Select any of the buttons to display only those items in the Active Task List below.

Select the buttons at the right of a line item to:

post_cost.png Post Cost: Opens Work Order Cost Entry

add_task_comment.png Add Task Comment: Add comments to Tasks

print_button.png Print: Print the Task



New Login Page


Login Bulletin


        Client Info Bulletin Section


Summary: Once settings are made, Users within an Azure subdomain will be presented with this Login window.


This new bulletin feature will remind of users of critical updates and deadlines whenever they login to WebTMA.

To add a bulletin to your Login page, go to Admin > Client Info and add the text in the Public Bulletin field of the Public Information section.

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