WebTMA 7 9-19-2023 Release Notes

Virtual Warehouse Available

Summary: You can now set up a Virtual Warehouse for accounting and reporting purposes.

When a separate Central Warehouse supports one or more departments, departments like Facilities can establish a Virtual Warehouse.

The Virtual Warehouse is assigned to the Trades that receive the parts from the Central Warehouse.

The Central Warehouse bills the Trade account and is assured of prompt payment.

The Trade bills the account on the work order for the parts they received.

Essentially, the Virtual Warehouse is a pass-through for billing and returns.

Also, the Central Warehouse can issue parts directly to a WO (using QP Material, QP Cost, or the work order itself) without having to create a separate Warehouse Transfer. The Trade associated with the Task on the work order provides the Account Number for the Virtual Warehouse.

Since the Trade has a Virtual Warehouse associated with it, it triggers a corresponding Part Transfer which automatically generates in the background. This keeps the billing between Facilities and Central Warehouse distinct as well as the billing between Facilities and their Requestor.

NOTE: If a Work Order is related to a Virtual Warehouse, you cannot issue Parts from the On-Hand Adjustment window.

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