WebTMA 7 April 30, 2024 Release Notes

Work Order Report Optimized


Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records

A simplified Work Order report is available from the Work Order window.

To speed up the running time, the Work Order report has been optimized. The new report is named Simple Work Order.

For cases where you need more details, the original Work Order report is still available.

Signature Feature Added to Other Windows

You now have the option to add a hand-written signature to many other windows.

The feature is now available on the Action Menu of the following windows:

  • On-hand Adjustments
  • Sales Orders
  • Transfer Parts
  • Work Orders *

Signatures can only be added in Add mode and cannot be edited or altered.

If Client Info / Preferences-Materials Management “Require Signature on Material Transaction” is granted, the following windows have a signature window on big Save.

  • Quick Post Material
  • Quick Post Cost
  • Work Orders *

In the case of Room Inspections, line items can have a signature added using the signature icon Btn_RI_SignatureIcon.png.

  • Room Inspection

* Work Order signatures can have two possibilities. The first is available from the Action Menu. The second occurs if Client Info / Preferences-Materials Management has “Require Signature on Material Transaction” Granted, then the system will force a signature after big Save when a Material Cost is added.

Executive Dashboard Enhancements

The Dashboard controls have been significantly updated.

Graphs are more responsive. The contents grow or shrink with the size of the box and are centered within the box.

You can configure the Dashboard refresh frequency.

You can now set the color saturation for segments.

Accessibility Improvements

Various accessibility improvements have been made throughout the application.

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