WebTMA 7 May 28, 2024 Release Notes SaaS

WebTMA Mobile Preview Release (v7 SaaS)


The Preview version of the new mobile application is available for both Android (v13 or later) and iOS (v16.0 or later) devices. This Preview release is only available to SaaS clients who are using WebTMA7. 

WebTMA Mobile includes simplified navigation with fewer clicks and easy-to-access buttons for common transactions like posting labor, parts, and other charges.

This version of the mobile application does not include inspections or offline, but those features are planned for an upcoming release.

A user licensed for mobileTMA GO can also use the new WebTMA Mobile app under the same license. An additional license is not required.



Here are some of the features in the WebTMA Mobile Preview.

Posted Hours in view on the landing page. A quick glance after login tells Technicians how many hours they posted this week and last week.

Labor, material, and other costs are available. All users can see the costs included in the task.

Finishing/Completing work orders gives the technician a view of all costs and comments.

Common task filters are easily accessed using tiles on the landing page, such as Open, New, and Today. 

Technicians acknowledge work order tasks with one tap.

Easy access to and visibility of attachments with the ability to add pictures, videos, and documents from the mobile device (same limitations to size as in WebTMA).

Comments can be dictated using the dictation feature of the mobile device. 

All task and general comments associated with the task are visible to all users.

Coming Soon in Fall 2024:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Master Checks
  • Scanning
  • Mobile Timer
  • Seamless Offline Use

Shift Schedule Option for Scheduler


Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler ­Action Menu - Shift Schedule

When unscheduled events occur which impact work order scheduling (illness, vacation, holidays, etc.), you can easily change technicians’ scheduled assignments by a specified number of days or a specific date.


In the grid, check the desired technician lines and select Shift Schedule on the Action Menu.

Both Days and Dates can be moved forward or backward.

Shift By Days. Enter the number of days to move the work. A negative value shifts work to an earlier date.

Shift To Date.  Select a date and time before or after the current date.

Click the Save button on the flyout, and then choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Default Grid Records Returned Expanded

Many clients have requested that we increase the number of records returned in the grids to reduce the number of pages you have to scroll through to see your data.


Most grids now display 25 rows compared to the 10 records returned in the past. We limited the records returned by default to optimize system performance.

Examples of grids updated to the higher record count include:

  • Work Order > Labor/Parts/Other Charges
  • Quick Post Cost
  • Project > Task & Resources
  • Purchase Order > Purchase Order Lines

Here is an example of the Work Order Labor grid.


Work Request API


A new, easier to use, Work Request API has been added to our API suite. This API is designed to accept system codes rather than database ID’s for most of the lookup fields available for the creation of a Work Request (Service Request). The current Work Request API requires multiple API calls to look up database IDs for fields like Request Type, Repair Center, Facility, Building, etc.

The new API option allows clients to pass the system visible codes instead of the database ID. This is a new API (additive) and will not replace the existing API (Requests). Any client using the current Requests API can continue to use that API as is.


WorkRequest. The new WorkRequest API is fully documented in our Swagger documentation (https://www.webtma.com/platformapi/swagger/index.html).

This new API is easier for clients to consume and requires fewer API calls. This API is used to create (Post) and obtain status (Get) for Work Requests (Service Requests).



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