WebTMA 7 06/07/2022 Release

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Linked Documents for Work Orders Enhanced











Summary: Many more Linked Documents can display with Work Orders in version 7. You have the option to suppress the documents from other modules if needed.


In version 7, the Linked Documents attached to many records can display with the Work Order  in addition to files added from the Work Order. These are:

•      Locations (Facility, Building, Area, Floor)

•      Items (Equipment, Vehicle, Asset, Group, Tool, Entity, Biomed Equipment, IT Equipment, Linear Asset)

•      Tasks

•      Request Log

You have the option to prevent any of the eligible Linked Documents from displaying with the Work Order.

When you add a Linked Document to any of the eligible records from the list above, the Manage Documents flyout includes a check box to Suppress from Work Order. The check box applies to all Document Category selections except URL.

If you select Image as the Document Category on the Manage Documents flyout as illustrated at left, an additional check box is available. Mark the Allow Image to Print check box if you want the image to print with the Work Order.

On the Work Order window, WebTMA gives you visual cues about the source of a Linked Document. At a glance, you can determine whether the linked file is from a record other than the Work Order. Linked Documents added from the Work Order display the Edit gear_icon.png symbol as illustrated at left.

For titles without an Edit symbol, expand the file title to see the source type.

Open the source record, such as a related Building record, and the Edit gear_icon.png symbol is available to allow you to edit the Linked Document.

Any Linked Document on Item, Location, Task, and Request Log records can be expanded to indicate the suppress status.

Files added before this release can be edited to mark the Suppress from Work Order check box. If a file that was displayed on a Work Order is suppressed, it is removed from view after suppression. Be sure to refresh the Work Order record if it is open.



Report Writer Layout Tab – Changed Default



Path: Reports > Report Writer / Layout Tab



Summary: The Report Writer / Layout Tab default has been changed.


Previously, v7 Report Writer / Layout Tab defaulted to a List format. The default has changed to Table format.

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