WebTMA 7 05/10/2022 Release

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Batch Update Technician Charge Rates


Path: Organization > Repair Center > Trade / Identity Tab



Summary: A change to the Default Charge field on the Trade / Identity Tab gives you the option to update Technician records in Batch if they meet certain conditions.


If you have a number of Technicians with the same Trade, you have the option to update the Charge Rate for the Technicians in batch when you change the Default Charge on the Trade / Identity Tab.

When you enter a Default Charge, the popup pictured at left gives you the option to use a batch update.

If you click Cancel, no Technician records are changed.

If you click OK, the Technician's Charge Rate is changed in either of the following conditions:

·       Update the Technician's Charge Rate when their only Trade was just updated.

·       Update the Charge Rate for Technician's with multiple Trades when their Preferred Trade was just updated.

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