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UPI Purchase Requisition Export - WebTMA 7

Path: Admin > Universal Interface > Universal Interface Setup

Select the UPI – Purchase Requisition Export Transaction Type to export Purchase Requisitions records using the Universal Interface (Universal Interface) framework.

You have a choice of four export Connection Types: Comma Delimited Text File, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or Tab Delimited Text File.

The Export Query field is used to determine the records to be exported. Select an existing Browse Query to serve as the Export Query. The selected Export Query has no impact on the data columns that are used in the export process.

Be sure to select a folder so an error log can be generated.

The WebTMA Integration Client Service Configuration (Stand-alone windows application) Service includes fields to support exporting records.

If you plan to include the Status field, it must be in your lookup table.

Remember to add at least one Repair Center to the Repair Center Tab.

Purchase Requisition Export for Universal Interface


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