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Granting Access to New UI - WebTMA 7

The New UI Login and Home pages become available when settings are completed in Client Info / Preferences and User or Group / Preferences.

To enable the new pages:

1.  Go to Client Info / Preference in the Login section.

2.  Grant Redirect client to new login page when using subdomained route.


3.  Log out of the application.

4.  Relaunch the application to see the new Login page.

5.  Log in from the new Login page.


6.  Go to User Management / Preferences or User Management > Groups / Preferences.

7.  Select a User Group (you may also grant this access to an individual user).

8.  Set the Use New UI/UX value to Granted.


NOTE:  The User Preference is not visible unless you log in from the new Login page.

NOTE:  Enabling these settings will direct users to a new Login and Home page they have not seen before. Communicate this with users in advance to avoid any confusion.


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