Bills of Materials


Path: Material > Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a comprehensive list of parts and materials required for an item. A BOM ensures that all needed Parts are available for a job. Using a BOM, the Technician knows the correct Parts to use on equipment. With BOMs in use, Management can more easily track needed equipment performance metrics.

Once created, the Parts display on the Part Reference Tab or the XRef Tab of the maintenance-worthy Item windows.

BOM Details

When you follow the menu path, the Bills of Materials window opens and displays All Bills of Materials in either a list view or a data table. Use the icons BOM_ListTableViewIcons.png adjacent to the All Bills of Materials label to switch views.

From this window you can:

  • Create a new Bills of Materials record

  • Edit an existing Bills of Materials records

  • Delete an existing Bills of Materials record

  • Search for a specific record


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