Manual Routing - WebTMA 7

Routes created using the Manual Routing feature apply to a single record, but it follows the same principles as regular Authorization Routes. With Manual Routing, you have the option to establish a Route on-the-fly from a record or use an existing Route. On-the-fly Manual Routes are used when you do not plan to apply the Route repeatedly.

Manual Routes are applied from windows such as Request Log or Work Order to a single record even if the record has an existing Authorization Route. If authorizers are on vacation or otherwise unavailable, set a Manual Route. When you establish a Manual Route for records with an existing Route, this action cancels the existing Routes for the record.

When you create a record from any of the transaction modules that use authorization, look for the Manual Routing link on the Action Menu. Once you create a Manual Route, the record follows the same guidelines for approval as any other Route. The authorizers on the Route must approve the transaction before it can be accepted.

Manual Routing also supports Smart Route functionality. WebTMA checks to assure that your current privileges include any Repair Center or Department with a Smart Route designated. If so, the Department or Repair Center is added to the eligible list of authorizers.


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