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Approval Routing Criteria - WebTMA 7

Use the Approval Routing Criteria window to attach Authorization Routes to various Transaction Types. Different Routes can be applied to different time spans. For example, you can apply one Route to the regular day shift from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week days. You can apply a different Route for nights and another Route for weekends.

Approval Routing Criteria Details

Leave the Time Sensitive check box blank to set a Route without time/day restrictions. This decision is permanent. If you want to add a Time Range later, create a new Approval Routing Criteria record.

  1. Open the Approval Routing Criteria window.
  2. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Complete the required Name, Transaction Type, and Approval Route.
  4. (Optional) Check the Time Sensitive box to specify a Time Range.
  5. Click the Add Criteria link to add Criteria.
  6. (Optional) Add a Time Range.
  7. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.


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