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Custom Form Attributes - WebTMA 7

Path: Admin > Form Attributes > Custom Form Attributes

If you organization has many locations with different objectives, you can customize a page, such as the Work Order, to simplify it for use by specific types of employees. Essentially, you make a modified copy of the page and determine the User or Group that has permission to view this customized page. Eligibility is made on the User or Groups window from the Window Access–Custom Window Access Section.

Using customized Forms, you can improve the quality and speed of data entry by people who do not use WebTMA on a regular basis.

You can even customize the User Management pages and restrict authorization to a specific Role. This allows you to limit lower-level administrators so they can only modify certain User records. See How to Filter Roles for User Management.

NOTE: If you want to include UDF fields in your custom forms, the UDF fields must first be defined in System Form Attributes. Once defined, the fields are available in both windows.

How to Create Custom Forms


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