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Groups - WebTMA 7

The Groups module is used to set Preferences, Privileges, and Access for classifications (Groups) of Users that you consider a unit within WebTMA, such as Data Entry Clerk, Technician, etc. The Tabs on the Groups window are similar to the User Management > Records window.

Creating Groups to grant access by classification saves time, helps you maintain good data, and prevents errors when you create individual User records. Most features described for the Groups window are the same as those for User Management.

The Identity Tab includes a Security Groups Section. If you use SSO authentication, use links on the grid (in Add or Edit mode) to associate the Group with the correct SSO Group.

NOTE: Selections on the Groups / Repair Centers Tab do not grant Repair Center access to members of the Group. Entries on the Tab are used to restrict others' access to User Groups. For this reason, the Repair Centers listed on the Groups / Repair Centers Tab are not inherited by the User Management records for any Users assigned to the Group.

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