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User Management Identity Tab - WebTMA 7


Path: Admin > User Management > Records / Identity Tab

Each person who has access to WebTMA has a record in User Management. Proper setup of User access can help minimize problems with your database, such as accidental or malicious errors, missing or incorrect data, and nonstandard formats or nomenclature.

The Role you select in the Role field determines the options available on the other User Management Tabs. Users with the Admin Role have access to all windows in WebTMA. The User Role can be granted comprehensive access if given those rights. Settings for Technicians, Contractors, and Requestors can only be granted access to a limited subset of windows specific to their role.

General records are created for Technicians, Contractors, and Requestors from the modules specific to those types of Users (Organization > Repair Center > Technicians; Organization > Vendors; or User Management > Requestors). When the records are saved, select the User Account link on the Action Menu to open the User Management window and add Access, Preferences, and Privileges.

The Locked Out check box applies when your organization specifies the maximum number of attempts to enter a valid password. If a User has been locked out, another User with appropriate permissions can clear this check box to allow login.

Rules for User Access Entries


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