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Path: Transactions > Estimate > Records / Identity Tab

Open the Estimate window using either the menu path or by clicking Estimate on the Work Order, Project, or Request windows Action Menu. A Reference # (Work Order number, Request Number, Project Number, or Project Task) is required to create and save new Estimate records. Because Projects can have more than one associated Task, WebTMA allows you to create numerous Estimate lines with different Project Tasks.

If you open the Estimate window using an Action Menu link for one of the related records, the required Reference Type and Reference # fields are populated with information from the record.

The Comments Section consists of a large text field where you can record any pertinent information about an Estimate.

The Details Section is a large text field where you can record specific information about the transaction.

How to Add Estimates

Action Menu links open the Estimate window in a new browser tab.

  1. Complete the required and elective fields on the Estimate window.
  2. Click the Add Item link on the grid to open the Estimate Entry flyout.
  3. Enter the needed information on the flyout.
  4. Click the Save button on the flyout to add a line item to the Estimate window.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

WebTMA completes the Estimate # field automatically when you save the record.

Encumber Button (WebTMA Plus)

In WebTMA Plus, an Encumber button displays on the Estimate / Identity Tab. The button is enabled for non-project Work Orders and Project Estimates.

This button is used to encumber funds for authorized Estimates and Change Orders to the accounts specified in the billing account list. The value of the Estimate and any related Change Orders is the amount encumbered. The amount is saved and included in the total displayed in the Encumbered field on the Accounting > Accounts / Identity Tab. The Account number and percentages are shown on the Estimate / Billing Info Tab. Encumbrances apply within WebTMA but are not used with other applications.

The overage percentage (Over %) shown on the Estimate / Billing Info Tab is used during the posting process. When applied, it represents the maximum allowable posting cost to the specified account.


Typically, saved Estimates must be authorized. This is true whether or not you use Approval Routing. Once an Estimate is authorized, certain rules apply. These rules are different depending on whether or not you use the Approval Routing feature. If you use Approval Routing, one set of rules applies; however, simpler rules are in place if you do not.

Until Estimates are authorized, they can be edited. Once authorized, fundamental changes can only be made using a Change Order.

The Change Order window is opened from Transactions > Estimate > Change Orders or from the Estimate window using the Change Order link on the Action Menu. The link is enabled if the Estimate has been authorized or does not require authorization. The link is disabled if a record that requires authorization has not been authorized since unauthorized estimates can be edited. See Change Orders for details about editing Change Orders.

Restrictions to Authorized Estimates

These restrictions apply to Estimates when your organization does not use Approval Routing.

Once an Estimate is approved, the following limitations are placed on the record:

  • The Billing Info Tab is disabled.
  • Two fields on the Identity Tab are editable: Actual Start and Actual End.
  • Comments and Details Sections are editable.

Restrictions for Approval Routing Users

If your organization uses Approval Routing, the following rules apply to Rejected Estimates:

  • The Actual Start and Actual End fields on the Identity Tab are editable.
  • The Comments and Details Sections are editable.
  • The Billing Info Tab is disabled.

When an unauthorized Estimate is not rejected, the Estimate can be freely edited, i.e., no restrictions apply. If you cannot edit any field or Tab, review the following conditions:

  • If the Estimate is linked to a Work Order and no WO Costs have been posted, the Estimate can be edited.
  • If the Estimate is linked to a Project and none of the Work Orders or Project Requisitions linked to the Project are yet posted, the Estimate can be edited.
  • If the Estimate is linked to a Request record and the Request is not yet converted to a Work Order, the record can be edited.
  • If an Estimate is linked to a Project Task and the costs for the Work Order converted from the Project Task are not posted, Estimate can be edited.

If any of these are false, the editing restrictions listed above for rejected Estimates apply.

How to Authorize or Reject Estimates

From the Estimate to be authorized in View mode:

  1. Click the Authorize link on the Action Menu.
  2. Complete the necessary fields on the Authorization flyout.
  3. Click your choice of the Authorize, Reject, or Ignore buttons.

WebTMA Plus Additional Restriction

With WebTMA Plus Advanced Accounting, an additional restriction applies. An Estimate cannot be authorized if both the Estimate and its related Work Order include accounts on the Billing Info Tab.

When the Work Order requires Advanced Estimates, you get an alert notifying you that, “The work order associated with this estimate includes billing accounts. To authorize this estimate, remove the billing accounts from either this estimate or the associated work order.”


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