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Inspection Tab - WebTMA 7

Path: Organization > Task > General Inspection Forms / Inspection Tab

The Inspection Tab indicates the following about an Inspection Sheet:

  • PM Work Order numbers using this Inspection Sheet
  • Check-in/check-out status of the Inspection Sheet
  • Name of the Technician who checked out the Inspection Sheet
  • Date the Inspection Sheet was checked out
  • Any Global Comments added to the Inspection Sheet

The Inspection Tab can be used in different situations.

  • Work Orders Generated. Review a list of the PM Work Orders that were generated for the given Inspection Form.
  • Inspection Sheet not checked in. Determine who has the sheet checked out. In cases where more than one Technician uses the same Inspection Sheet, it is important that the sheet be checked in so the next person can check it out. This column tells administrators the name of the Technician who has the sheet checked out. If necessary, administrators can ask a Technician to check it in. Note: Check In and Check Out buttons only appear on the Inspection Sheet window for those who log in using a Technician ID.
  • Add check results if not recorded by Technician. Enter results from hard copy. If the Technician works from a printed copy of the Inspection Sheet, those users who do have rights to the Inspection Form windows can click a line to open the Work Order and add results to the Inspection Sheet.

How to Use Inspection Sheets from Inspection Tab


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