How to Assign from Training Assignments - WebTMA 7

To make assignments from the Training Assignments window:

  1. Mark the line item check boxes of all you want to assign.

  2. Select the Batch Assign button.

  3. Complete the Assignment Entry flyout window.

  4. Choose the Save button on the flyout.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all lines checked. WebTMA automatically displays the next line until all are assigned.

An email message of Class assignment is sent to alert the Trainee of the date and time. For the Technician, the system uses the email address saved with the request when entered on the Training Request Entry window. If the Technician's record has an email address, this populates the Training Request Entry window by default.

Once you have made assignments, WebTMA displays a green icon on the list beside each assigned line to show it has been assigned.


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