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Appendix A: Icons and Buttons in mobileTMA GO for Android - WebTMA 7


The Add plus icon is found at the top right of List windows and is used to add a new record.


Tap the left arrow icon to move to the previous menu or window. For example, from the list of Work Orders, tapping the arrow returns you to the Work Orders menu.


Tap Menu to return to the Main Menu from the Work Order or Inventory submenu.


Tap the vertical ellipsis on the title bar to view any options available for the current window. Available options change based on the window that is open.



Tap Status icons on the title bar for information about the record. The icons change depending on whether the record is connected and in sync with the application, waiting for a connection, needs to be pushed to the application, etc.


Work Orders display this icon to identify alerts such as Right-to-Know and HIPPA. Tap the icon for a list of alerts that apply to the location or item.

blue_white_clock.pngblue_white_clock_2.png The Work Order Task Tab displays the Timer icon. When you tap the icon to start timing work, the circle in the icon is partially broken to indicate it is running.


This icon displays if the Equipment item record in WebTMA includes text in the Svc Interruption Area field on the Equipment / Connection Tab. Tap this icon to see the contents of the Svc Interruption Area field.


When a location or item is under warranty, a message pops up when the Work Order record first opens. A green shield also displays indicating the Work Order item is under warranty. Tap the icon to display the warranty message.


Tap Clear on the Option menus available on various windows or on the Data Manager window to remove line items. An alert asks you to verify that you want to delete the records from the device. Use with care because unsaved data, i.e., records that have not been uploaded to the server, will be lost if you Clear before upload.


A paperclip with stylized picture icon at the right of the Work Order # field indicates one or more Linked Documents or photos. Tap the icon to open to the Linked Photos Tab.



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