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How to Use Work Order Advanced Find

To look for Work Orders by selected criteria:

  1. Tap the empty_funnel.png filter icon on the Work Order List window.
  2. Select or enter the desired criteria.
  3. Scroll down to view more options
  4. Tap the white_blue_left_arrow.png arrow at the upper left.


When you tap the arrow and return to the list, the only Work Orders that display on the List window are those with the criteria of your choice.

How to Use the Timer

The clock face Timer icon is visible at the bottom of the Task Tab. On the Work Order List window, a 'T' displays in the right column when the Timer is running. The elapsed time is automatically transferred to the QP Labor window when you tap the Timer icon again.

  1. Tap the start Timer blue_white_clock.png icon to start.
  2. Tap the running Timer blue_white_clock_2.png icon, and the QP Labor window opens. Note: You can tap Back white_blue_left_arrow.png arrow on this window. This turns off the Timer without posting Labor.
  3. Review the QP Labor window for accuracy.
  4. Make any needed changes.
  5. Tap the Save button at the upper right of the window.

When records are synchronized, the time and Work Order information are transferred to the related fields in WebTMA on the Transactions > Quick Post > Quick Post Time & Labor window. This is true as long as the Technician has rights to Quick Post Labor. The Preference is granted from Admin > User Management > Records / Mobile Access Tab–Mobile Preferences Section.

When a Timer is already running on another Task and you tap the Timer icon on a different Task, you receive the following message, “A timer is currently running on another task. Do you want to stop and record time against that task?” Tap Cancel to continue timing the currently running Timer. Tap OK to stop the Timer from running, which opens the QP Labor window to record Labor for the previous Task and start the Timer on the record in view.

How to Use the Work Order Queue

The Work Order Queue List window is clear until you tap the Options vertical_ellipsis.png vertical ellipsis and tap Refresh at the upper right to populate it. If you use color to indicate Priority, the WO # line is highlighted in the appropriate color.

To review an unassigned Work Order and self-assign:

  1. Scroll through the list of unassigned Work Orders.
  2. Tap a line to review a Work Order.
  3. Tap the Assign To Myself field at the top of the window if you wish to work on this job. The window automatically extends to display more fields.
  4. Accept or complete the fields as needed.
  5. Tap Save at the upper right of the window.

The line remains on the Work Order Queue window; however, if you select it, the Assign To Myself check box is marked and all fields are read-only.

To perform the work, go to the Work Order List window where the newly assigned Work Order is marked with a blue orb on the right. This indicates the Technician has not viewed the Work Order from the Work Order window.

How to View Work Order History

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