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Service Installation

The first step is to Install the Universal Interface Service. The installer is the client-side Universal Interface (UI) service which can be run on a server or local machine. If you want to use a database UI process, you only need to install on a server and let the service run. If you are set up for file transfer and want to use a server-based solution, make sure that the service can access the folders you have set up to drop the files. If you use a local install for file transfers and there are multiple users, ensure that the users do not use the same file paths. Use UNC paths rather than file structure paths.

To get started, download from www.tmasystems.net.

How to Install the Service

  1. Right click on WebTMA 7 UI.exe to run as Administrator.

  2. Click Next to start the install process.

  3. Confirm or change path of installation files.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Install to install the service

  6. Accept the prompts about system changes if they appear.

  7. Click Finish to complete the install

Want to Learn More?

Visit the WebTMA Help Page

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