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Use the Maintenance Item Batch Import window as an efficient way to update or add new maintenance items to the WebTMA database.

The maintenance items eligible for import are: Equipment, Asset, Entity, Tool, Vehicle, Biomed, Linear Asset, and IT Equipment. Note that the last two items are optional modules in WebTMA.

This import wizard accepts information from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx file extension only) that opens when you select the Export Template link on the Action Menu of any eligible item.

You prepare the list of new or updated items using the export template, verify your data entry from the Maintenance Item Batch Import window, and import the records to WebTMA based on your organization’s processes.

Rules for Auto-Numbered Imports

Whenever the Tag # shown in the spreadsheet exists in WebTMA, existing WebTMA records are updated regardless of the Counter (auto-numbering established on the Admin > Client Info / Counter Tab).

The following rules are used when the Counter is ON.

Empty Tag # Field

Excel can have empty Tag#, and the record is imported into WebTMA

Populated Tag # Field

  • If the Tag # is found in WebTMA, WebTMA updates the record

  • If the Tag # is not found in WebTMA, WebTMA imports the record, the Tag # from Excel is overwritten with an auto-generated Tag # based on the Counter

How to Prepare Maintenance Item Import Spreadsheet

Select the Export Template link on the Action Menu of any MWI window to create a template with the proper Headings and Subtab name (Task_Table) for the data you wish to import. The spreadsheet includes information about the current record, but it is to be used only as an example. The Excel Template Subtab name assigned by WebTMA is required for a successful import.

For values in the spreadsheet you do not want to import, edit the spreadsheet and replace the value with the term NULL (must be all caps). This clears the value but allows the file to be imported.

Use the spreadsheet to add any new or updated item records you want to import and follow the instructions in How to Use Maintenance Item Batch Import.

As stated previously, the .xlsx format is the only acceptable format for the Excel spreadsheet.

Reminder: Do Not Change the Excel template Subtab name (Task_Table). The import will not work with any other Subtab name. This import creates records for new items and also updates existing records.

How to Use Maintenance Item Batch Import

Once you have a spreadsheet prepared, you are ready to import your Maintenance Item Batch Import spreadsheet items.

  1. Select the Item Type to Import.
  2. Choose the Browse for File button and select the Excel file. The window reflects File Uploaded.
  3. Select the Load Data To Grid From File button. The grid refreshes with the data from your file.
  4. Choose the Verify Records button to check each row of data for errors.* All values are checked, and a message alerts you. In addition, the Errors column reflects the lines ready for import.
  5. Select the Import Records to Database button. A success message displays. Unsuccessful imports display an error message.
  6. Choose the Refresh Page button at the top of the window to clear the fields for another batch import.

* If errors are found during the verification process, the Import Records to Database button remains disabled. Look to the first column in the grid to see the errors for each row. Repair all errors in your spreadsheet, click the Refresh Page button, and start at step 1 again.


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