How to Use Maintenance Item Batch Import - WebTMA 7

Once you have a spreadsheet prepared, you are ready to import your Maintenance Item Batch Import spreadsheet items.

  1. Select the Item Type to Import.
  2. Choose the Browse for File button and select the Excel file. The window reflects File Uploaded.
  3. Select the Load Data To Grid From File button. The grid refreshes with the data from your file.
  4. Choose the Verify Records button to check each row of data for errors.* All values are checked, and a message alerts you. In addition, the Errors column reflects the lines ready for import.
  5. Select the Import Records to Database button. A success message displays. Unsuccessful imports display an error message.
  6. Choose the Refresh Page button at the top of the window to clear the fields for another batch import.

* If errors are found during the verification process, the Import Records to Database button remains disabled. Look to the first column in the grid to see the errors for each row. Repair all errors in your spreadsheet, click the Refresh Page button, and start at step 1 again.


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