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When consolidated PMs are used, the software reviews the Tasks to determine if more than one Task is due at the same time for the same item. When PM Batch Jobs are generated, all PM Tasks due for the same item are consolidated into one Work Order as long as a standard Interval is used. See Standard Consolidation Intervals for definitions.

PM Consolidation Details

PM consolidation is authorized by your WebTMA System Administrator during setup as an option on the Repair Center > Records / Identity–Preference Section. When the Consolidate PM check box is marked, this feature is applied to the PM schedules of the individual Repair Center.

This applies to PM Tasks for the same item within the range of days specified in the PM Week and PM Generation fields in the Repair Center / Identity–Preferences Section.

Consolidation applies even if the PM Interval frequencies are different (i.e., annual and semi-annual) as long as they conform to the Standard Consolidation Intervals.

When PMs are consolidated, a single Work Order is generated, and the Work Order displays all the Tasks.

When a consolidated PM Work Order prints, all Task Sheets for the associated jobs are also printed, subject to the usual Task Sheet print restrictions.

NOTE: Daily PMs are not consolidated.

Standard Consolidation Intervals

A PM will always consolidate to the highest level job due, based on the following table:

Frequency Unit Interval
Bi-Annual Y 2
Annual Y 1
Semi-Annual M 6
Tri-Annual M 4
Quarterly M 3
Monthly M 1
Bi-Monthly M 2
Weekly W 1, 2, 4, 13, 26, & 52 only

The frequencies shown in this table are the only frequencies that are consolidated. If the PM does not conform to these frequencies, separate Work Orders are generated. If, for instance, you select a Monthly frequency with an Interval of 5, it will not be consolidated. To achieve a four-month interval, choose the Tri-Annual frequency.

These frequencies apply to metered PMs as well as calendar based.


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