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Information about each Task is stored in the Task module, which is also a valuable reporting tool.

To assure accurate reports, use the same Task Code for all Work Orders with the same or similar work Requests. In many organizations, those who create Work Orders are not the same persons who perform the work. Many people may be responsible for creating Work Orders; therefore, the System Administrator can establish a standard for Tasks and make sure that those who create Work Orders apply the standard.

If you use the optional Keys module in WebTMA and you check the Key Adjustment Task box in the Option Setting Section, a Key Options Section is added to the window. Key Adjustment Tasks are used to generate a Work Order for accepted Requests from the Request Log window and to generate a key-related Work Order.

The fields on the Task / Identity Tab are essential to establishing your Task Library. Definitions and explanations of use for each field on the Identity Tab can be found in Task Identity Tab Fields.

How to Add Tasks

Reminder: Only appropriate users should be allowed to add Tasks. See Task Security for more information.

Few fields on this window are required; however, for good records and reports, complete as many fields as possible.

From the Task window:

  1. Choose Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Enter a unique Code for the Task. Reminder: Use a standard format for all codes if possible.
  3. Add a Description that summarizes the job to be done.
  4. Select the Type Description.
  5. Complete other fields that apply.
  6. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

How to Edit a Task Record

NOTE: You must have appropriate user access to edit Task records.

To edit an existing Task:

  1. Locate the Task record.
  2. Choose Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

How to Delete a Task Record

A Task record cannot be deleted if it is connected to other records. If the Task has been used, the Task record must be retained to preserve the integrity of the database; however, you can clear the Active check box and make the record inactive.

You must have appropriate user access to inactivate or delete Task records.

If the Task record has never been used:

  1. Locate the Task.
  2. Choose Delete on the WebTMA toolbar. You are prompted to confirm deletion of the record.
  3. Select OK on the prompt to delete the record.

Add Print Image

When you add one or more images to the Linked Documents segment of the Navigation Panel, you can designate an image to automatically print on the Work Order Report as a thumbnail when the Task is selected for that Work Order. Only one image can be designated to print automatically.

Add images using the standard Add process for Linked Documents. Next assign print access using the instructions for how to print linked images. If you designate a single file with the printer icon, the icon displays as dark black. An image with a dark black (not gray) printer icon is the one that prints.

Add images using the standard Add process for Linked Documents. Next use How to Print Linked Images in Reports to designate print status. An image with a dark black (not gray) printer icon is the one that prints.

Images from DropBox and OneDrive do not show a printer icon and are not eligible for this print feature.

NOTE: Other windows, such as the Equipment window, also allow you to designate an image to print using this process.


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