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Path: Organization > Records > Tasks / Identity Tab

Many organizations have complex billing structures that require more flexibility to determine Labor Rates. Use the Hourly Rate and Apply Multiplier fields to do this. When these fields are populated, the rates supersede the Charge Rate on the Technician window.

The Hourly Rate and Apply Multiplier fields are found on both the Task window and the Lookups > Task Types window. A mark in the Apply Multiplier check box means that rate multipliers such as shift differential and Time Type are applied to the Hourly Rate.

Labor Rate Hierarchy

The Labor Rate hierarchy is applied to the following windows:

  • Transactions > Quick Post > Quick Post Cost
  • Transactions > Quick Post > Quick Post Time & Labor
  • Transaction > Work Order > Records / Costs Tab
  • Transactions > Work Order > Records / Schedule Tab–Convert To Labor (in Edit mode)

The hierarchy used to determine the Labor Rate is as follows:

  • Contract Rate
  • Task Rate
  • Task Type Rate
  • Repair Center Rate
  • Technician Rate

For example, if there is no Contract Rate, the system looks to the Task Rate, and continues down the list until a valid rate is found.


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