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Several links on the Vehicle window Action Menu are used as a quick way to perform actions or review information about the item.

Create WO

The Create WO link on the Action Menu opens the Work Order window with information about the current item inserted in the appropriate fields ready for you to create a new Work Order for the item.


Click the Dispose link on the Action Menu to open the Disposal window (Transactions > Disposal > Records) in a separate browser tab to record and save details about removal and disposition of an item.

The Dispose link is found in the following windows: Asset, Biomed, Entity, Equipment, IT Equipment, Tools, and Vehicles.

Export Template

Choose the Export Template link to create a template with the proper Headings and Subtab name for item data you wish to import. The spreadsheet Subtab name assigned by WebTMA is required for a successful import.

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx file extension) includes example information about the current record for your reference. Use the spreadsheet to add any new maintenance item records and then import them using Organization > Maintenance Item Batch Import.


Select the Groups link on the Action Menu to see if the item is associated with a Group. The link opens the Associated Group flyout window with a list showing the Group Tag #DescriptionAdded Date, and Deleted Date.


If your organization uses the optional Keys module, the Keys link on the Action Menu opens a flyout to display the Key Number and Key Description of any keys that are associated with the maintenance-worthy item.

Post Down Time

When an item is taken out of service or restored to service, the Post Down Time link on the Action Menu opens a flyout where you can add the Down Time date and the Up Time date. Once the Up Time date is added, WebTMA calculates the Total Down Time. On the Down Time flyout, line items can be deleted using the Trash Can icon if a line was entered incorrectly.

Show Audit History

The Show Audit History link opens the Audit History flyout. When values in a field have been changed, the initial view on the flyout shows the modification Date, User, and Transaction Type. Expand a line to open a second tier for more details.

The second tier fields show:

  • Field Name
  • Old Value
  • New Value
  • Record Type

Transfer History

The Transfer History link on the Action Menu opens the Transfer History flyout with line item details about transfers made using the standard Transfer window for maintenance-worthy items.

View Events

If you use the optional Events module, select the View Events link to review a list of all Events that fall within a specified date range. When you choose the link, WebTMA opens a flyout that accepts entry of start and end dates.

Once you enter the dates and select the View Events button on the flyout, WebTMA returns a list of all events where the start date or the end date is within the range. Select a line item to open the Events record in another window.


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