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Buildings are the second required level of the location hierarchy and reflect all the Buildings within a Facility. Although this level is called Building, other items can also be assigned to this level. As Work Orders are written, all labor, Parts, and Other costs roll up to the Building associated with the Area shown on the Work Order (if no tag number is identified).

Work Orders written against items with a tag number will not roll up to the Building level, even though the location of those items may be assigned to a specific Building. The exception to this is when the Building Asset check box is marked on the tagged item record.

How to Add Building Records

  1. Choose Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Enter the Code. Each Building Code must be unique and can contain both alpha and numeric characters. Use a Code that is easily recognized.
  3. Enter the Building Name.
  4. Select the Type.
  5. Select the associated Facility Name for this Building.
  6. Include as much elective information in the various sections as available.
  7. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

UDF Section

The UDF Section is available to record information or data that is not included in the predefined fields of a record. The Section is found on many windows. These are added by your WebTMA System Administrator.

You can also create corresponding UDF fields for two windows: Work Order and Request Log. If you create UDFs in the System Form Attributes window for each window and these share the same label and the same data type (i.e., Name and Type), the contents of the UDF field on your Request is carried to the corresponding UDF field on the Work Order when accepted.

These UDF fields can also be included on the Service Request Form / Layout Tab when System Administrators create new Service Request Forms.


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