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Path: Organization > Repair Center > Technician / Identity Tab

Technician records contain information for each person on staff that is issued work through a Work Order. The default field label is Technician, but your WebTMA System Administrator can replace it with the term used by your organization. The module for making these changes is Admin > Text Management.

Access to the Technician window should be limited to persons who normally have access to confidential employee information. Several Tabs on this window are for information only, such as Costs and Work Orders. Authorized personnel can review costs for work performed by the Technician and Work Orders assigned to the Technician.

Technician Logins

WebTMA offers limited licenses for Technicians to log in, which restricts their access to the application. Creating a Technician record is the first step in setting up Technicians that can log in to WebTMA; however, a record created from the Technician window does not complete the process. Once you have a Technician record, click User Account in the Action Menu to go to Admin > User Management > Records and create a User record with an assigned Role of Technician. Login information and device types, such as the various mobile devices, are established from the User window. If an account exists, clicking this link loads the linked record.

A Technician login restricts the Technician’s access to their assigned Work Orders or to records they created.

Even if Technicians cannot log in to the system, their names are available from selection windows such as the Work Order / Schedule Tab–Schedule Entry flyout as long as they have a Technician record.

When you create a Technician record, assign it to at least one Trade and one Repair Center else the record will not save.

Technician Identity Tab

Path: Organization > Repair Center > Technician / Identity Tab

The Technician window stores personal and organizational information about employees that are assigned work. Most of the fields on the Identity Tab are self-evident.

This window is used to establish basic information about the person; however, the login, permissions, and access are added from Admin > User Management > Records.

When a new Technician record is saved, click the User Account link on the Action Menu. If you click OK on the query popup window, WebTMA opens a User Management record and adds the basic information. Complete the Login ID and any other appropriate information on the User Management window. If a User Management record exists, click the User Account link to open the User Management window in a separate browser tab.

Technician Details

The Charge Rate is a required field. If you want to use the default rate from a Trade, mark Preferred on a Trade line in the Trade Sub-section of the Work / Other Information Section. WebTMA will then use the rate for the Preferred Trade.

The value in the MobileTMA Days field determines how many days forward the system checks for outstanding work. This applies to mobileTMA, mobileTMA GO, and WebTMA GO. The value in this field represents the number of days in the future. If the field shows a value of 3, WebTMA downloads Work Orders for the current day plus the next three days. For example, if the value is 3 and the current day is the 6th, Work Orders through the 9th are downloaded. If the field is empty, WebTMA automatically downloads Work Orders for the current day plus the next two days, as if the value in the field were 2.

The Driver check box is for information only.

A valid address in the Work Email field is useful if your organization sets up email notification from the Repair Center / Email Settings with Work Order selected in the Transaction Type field and Schedule Tech in the Event field. Using this Repair Center function, the Technician receives an email notice when work has been assigned to him from the Work Order / Schedule Tab once the Work Order is saved. Be certain that the address entered in the Work Email field on the Technician window is valid. This is one of the email addresses used by the system. If the address is invalid, it causes an error for the service, and messages cannot be sent or received.

On the Repair Center / Email Settings – Email Template Entry flyout, you have the option to mark the Suppress check box to prevent sending any email notices. Or, you can exclude PM Work Order notifications by marking the Exclude Auto Notify Technician for PM Work Order check box on the Repair Center / Identity – Preference Section.

If you use a Work Pager, add the information to this field. When completed, this will also display as an email option when you click the email icon on the Work Order / Schedule Tab or some Quick Post lines (Cost, Time & Labor, Material, or Time & Attendance). For SMS text messages, first go to Organization > Lookups > Messaging Services to set up the cell or pager carrier and address that allow you to send a text message or a page.

How to Add Technician Records

To create a record from the Technician window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Type a unique ID number up to 15 alphanumeric characters.
  3. Type the person's First Name / Last Name.
  4. Enter the Charge Rate, that is, the amount used to calculate the labor cost when labor is added to a Work Order. To use the Trade’s default rate, mark a Preferred Trade in the Trade Section.
  5. Enter the Shift.
  6. Add other work and personal information available to complete the record.
  7. Click the Repair Center Tab to select the Repair Centers that are allowed to see this Technician in selection lists.
  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar

How to De-activate a Technician Record

If a Technician is laid off or fired but has been used in transactions within the software, the record must be retained. If deleted, the link between the Technician record and all the related files would be broken.

To make a Technician record inactive:

  1. Open the Technician window.
  2. Locate the desired record.
  3. Click Edit on the WebTMA toolbar.
  4. Clear the Active check box on the window.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

The record is now inactive, and the Technician’s name will not display on selection lists. To re-activate an inactivated record, use the same process and check the Active box again.

How to Store a Technician's Picture

Go to Admin > User Management > Records and locate the Technician's record. Use the following instructions for adding an image.

Work / Other Information Section

The Work / Other Information Section is used to record various contact information, supervisor, and sizes for protective gear such as gloves and boots. It also includes Sub-sections for Trade and Crew.

Crew Sub-section

The read-only Crew Sub-section is used to display any crews to which the Technician is assigned.

Trade Sub-section

The Trade Sub-section is used to assign a Trade or Trades to a Technician's record. In some organizations, a Technician can perform the duties of more than one Trade. You can select several secondary Trades that are associated with a specific Technician record. See the next topic for information about the Preferred Trade and its relationship to the Charge Rate.

How to Add Trade to Technician

On the Technician window in Add or Edit mode:

  1. Click the Add Trades link on the grid.
  2. Mark the check boxes of the desired Trades on the Trade Entry flyout.
  3. Click the Add Selected button on the flyout.
  4. (Optional) Mark the Preferred check box to indicate the primary Trade.
  5. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

When you add a Trade, WebTMA inserts the Charge Rate of the first Trade you enter in the General Information Section – Charge Rate field; however, when you mark a Trade as Preferred or change the Preferred Trade, WebTMA displays an alert asking, “Do you wish to change the default charge rate for the Technician to the default of this Trade?” If you click OK, the Charge Rate for that Trade is inserted in the Charge Rate field in the General Information Section.

Supervised Technicians Section

The Supervised Technicians Section is a read-only list of any Technicians who are supervised by a Technician designated as a supervisor.

Mark the Supervisor check box in the General Information Section to designate a Technician as a supervisor.

On regular Technicians' records (non-supervisors), include the supervisor's code and name in the Supervisor ID and Supervisor Name fields in the Work / Other Information Section of the Technician window.

Once Technicians have been assigned, they display in the Supervised Technicians Section of the supervisor's record. Check marks in boxes in the Active column of this Section indicate the Technicians that are active. You can sort on any column in the grid.


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