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Projects can be implemented using either a basic method to track time and costs for a job that includes more than one Work Order or an advanced method to plan the Tasks and time line for a complex Project.

Depending on the scale of the Project and the needs of your organization, one approach may be more appropriate than the other.

Regardless of which approach is implemented, the Projects function provides a way to manage a Project from beginning to end.

Basic Projects

The basic approach is used when you want to track time and costs for multiple work orders, but you do not need to identify all the Project Tasks prior to starting work. It involves defining the Project from the Project window and then creating Work Orders from the Work Order window. Each Work Order is linked to the Project as it is created.

After you create a Project record, you can create the Project Work Orders. When the WO Type Description field is Project and the More Information section shows the Project #, the Work Order is linked to the Project. Without this information, the Work Order is not a Project Work Order.

Additional Project features can be used, but they are not required when using the basic approach to Projects.

Advanced Projects

The advanced approach to Projects is applied to Projects that require long-range planning to chart the sequence of activities involved in completing the Project. This approach includes using additional features of the WebTMA Projects module.

Advanced Projects track the cost and budgeted amounts as well as Purchase Orders for the work.

You can set Project Tasks to define the activities that are performed at a later date. When it is time for the work to begin, create Project Work Orders for Task line items. Resources such as labor, materials, and other charges required to fulfill each of the activities can be viewed as well.

Tracking Project Costs

Costs or expenses are tracked automatically within Projects when you use either the basic or advanced method. The values from Project Work Orders are displayed on the associated Project record.

Labor, material, and other costs from Project Work Orders display on the associated Project record.


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