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Path: Transactions > Disposal

Once the WebTMA System Administrator grants Window Access to your User record and establishes Disposal Types in Organization > Lookups / Disposal Types, you can add and save disposal records. Note: If your organization uses the optional Approval Routing System, the disposal action may require authorization. See Disposal and Approval Routing for more information.

WebTMA filters the Tag numbers for the selected type to list items that do not have disposal records. Some limitations apply to items with open Work Orders or that belong to a Group.

WebTMA alerts you if you have selected an item with an open Work Order, and gives you an option to proceed with disposal.

Group items cannot be discarded as long as they are part of any Group.

You can execute the disposal immediately if the item has no limitations and does not require authorization.

How to Add Disposal Records

Most of the fields on the Disposal / Identity Tab are elective and used for future reference regarding the requested disposal, people who approved it, the location, and other features. The Recycled check box is useful if you issue reports for recycled items.

From the Disposal window:

  1. Click Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Select the Item type.
  3. Type or select the Tag number for the item.
  4. Select the Type of disposal.
  5. Type the Technician Code (ID) of the person creating the disposal record.
  6. Choose the Disposal Date.
  7. Complete elective fields as needed. See definitions in Disposal Window Elective Fields.
  8. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Disposal and Approval Routing

If your organization uses the Approval Routing System, an additional Approval Routing History Tab displays on the Disposal window.

When a disposal falls within the Approval Routing rules, a routing status displays on the Disposal / Identity Tab. Look for one of the following words displayed in bold at the lower right of the window:

  • Authorization Required
  • Authorized
  • Authorization Rejected

If you edit an existing disposal record and make it ineligible for Approval Routing, the disposal can be executed immediately.

Existing records that do not require authorization cannot be edited to make them eligible for routing criteria. WebTMA ignores Approval Routing for these existing records.


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