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The Quick Post Training Request window is available if you use the optional Training module. Use the Quick Post Training window to request training for several Technicians at one time. The same flyout opens from Work Order / Schedule–Training Request. The Training Request Entry flyout follows the same rules as other Quick Post windows.

Requests are added to the underlying grid and must be saved using Save on the WebTMA toolbar to write the requests to the database.

How to Request Training from Quick Post

Requests can be linked to a specific Work Order, but this is not required. When you open the Quick Post Training Request window, the Training Request Entry flyout displays in Add mode.

  1. (Optional) Enter a related Work Order #.

  2. Select the Technician Code or Technician Name.

  3. Complete elective fields as known.

  4. Accept or change the Required Date. *

  5. Enter a short Comment about the need for training.

  6. Choose the Save & Add button.

* The Class drop-down list filters by the Enrollment Start/ Enrollment End dates and whether a class record is marked as Closed Enrollment. If the request date falls within the start and end enrollment for a class that has not been closed, the class ID is included in the drop-down.

After you add a few records, use Save on the flyout to view the line items. You can edit or delete line items until you select Save on the WebTMA toolbar. Once you save the records, WebTMA writes the information to the database and clears lines from the window.

Choose the Add Training Request link at the top of the grid to re-open the flyout and continue adding line items.


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