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Use Quick Post Downtime to track when and how long Equipment is out of service for repair, preventive maintenance, normal service, or other reasons.

Remember to use Save on the WebTMA toolbar every few records. Until you save, entered data is not stored in the database. A momentary loss of power could result in a significant amount of time spent re-entering data unless you save often.

How to Quick Post Down Time

Use this window to mark Down Time and/or Up Time for items such as elevators, autos, and Biomed equipment that are taken out of service for maintenance. Posting down time on this window yields the same results as clicking the Post Down Time link in the Action Menu of the affected records to make individual changes.

The Quick Post Down Time window opens by default with the Down Time Entry flyout displayed:

  1. Select one of the following: Equipment, Vehicle, Biomed, or IT Equipment.
  2. Choose the Tag Number from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the Down Time Type.
  4. Choose the Down Time date and time.
  5. Select the Save or Save & Add button.

To add different types of items, choose the Add Item link to re-open the Down Time Entry flyout.

When an item is returned to service, follow the same steps but include a date and time in the Actual Up Time fields as well. If you have both Down Time and Up Time when you post Down Time, you can complete both the Down Time and the Up Time fields at the same time.

After you add a few records, choose Save on the flyout to view the line items. You can edit or delete line items until you choose Save on the WebTMA toolbar. Once you save the records, WebTMA writes the information to the database and clears lines from the window. Choose the Add Item link at the top of the grid to re-open the flyout and continue adding line items.


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