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Path: Transactions > Quick Post > Quick Post Fuel & Oil

Users can post a batch of Fuel and Oil tickets to Vehicle and Equipment records by means of this window.

The Ticket Date defaults to the current date when the Quick Post Fuel & Oil Entry flyout is opened.

If a Vehicle has a Fuel Type specified, the Type automatically populates the Fuel Type Description field when you select the Vehicle Tag. If you choose Save & Clone, the Fuel Type field retains the original value, and WebTMA does not overwrite it.

Remember to select Save on the WebTMA toolbar every few records. Until saved, data entered is not stored in the database. A momentary loss of power could result in a significant amount of time spent re-entering data unless you save often.

How to Quick Post Fuel & Oil

Posting to this window is the same as posting to the Transactions > Fuel & Oil window.

The Quick Post Fuel & Oil window opens by default with the Quick Post Fuel & Oil Entry flyout displayed and ready for data entry:

  1. Change the Ticket Date if needed.
  2. Select Equipment or Vehicle and the Tag #.
  3. Choose the Repair Center.
  4. (Optional) Mark the Charge check box if the ticket is chargeable.
  5. Complete the applicable elective fields. The Meter, such as an odometer reading, can be very important to keeping good records.
  6. Enter the Unit Cost and Quantity of the desired fluid (fuel, oil, transmission, or coolant). If a bulk price is paid, enter this in the Bulk Price field. Bulk price data takes precedence over the values in the individual Unit and Quantity fields.
  7. Choose the Save & Add option to add a line item to the grid.

Line items display in the background Quick Post Fuel & Oil window as you enter and save more data.

After you add a few records, choose Save on the flyout to view the line items. You can edit or delete line items until you select Save on the WebTMA toolbar. Once you save the records, WebTMA writes the information to the database and clears lines from the window. Choose the Add Fuel & Oil link at the top of the grid to re-open the flyout and continue adding line items.


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