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Use this window to post Work Order costs to a number of records from one window — without opening each record separately. From this window, you can post labor, materials, or other costs. This is the same window that opens when you add costs from the Work Order / Costs Tab to add costs to a record.

Remember to select Save on the WebTMA toolbar every few records. Until saved, data entered is not stored in the database. A momentary loss of power could result in a significant amount of time spent re-entering data unless you save often.

Quick Post Cost Details

For convenience, the Task field includes the Trade (in parenthesis following the Task name) of Trades associated with the Task of the Work Order. This helps the clerical staff make the correct selection in the Trade field.

By default, the No Charge check box is unchecked to indicate the costs are chargeable; however, if the costs for the Work Order are not chargeable, be sure to mark it.

If the charge is Other, the Charge Type Desc field is available if you distinguish among different Types established in Organization > Lookups / Other Charges Types.

If you use Rate Schedules, the Quick Post Cost window grid includes a Total Charge column and an icon indicates when a Rate Schedule is applied. A tool tip tells you whether the Rate Schedule is derived from the hierarchy or manual entry.

When you change the Technician ID and tab out of the field, WebTMA overwrites the Account # associated with the previous Technician and replaces the value with the account number for the new Technician. This is an exception to the standard rule; normally, WebTMA does not overwrite data in a field once it is entered. Note: If the new Technician does not have an account entered on the Technician record, the number for the first Technician continues to display in the Account # field.

When Work Orders with open distributions are closed from the Quick Post Cost window, you might receive notices alerting you to the fact that the Work Order has open distribution lines and be directed to more alerts based on the settings your WebTMA System Administrator has made.


When "Require Signature on Material Transaction" has been granted by your WebTMA Administrator and you select Add Part from this window, you must add a signature. The Signature Entry flyout opens when you click Save on the toolbar (big Save). Use the mouse to add a signature, and click the Save button on the flyout.

How to Quick Post Cost

Posting Labor, Parts, Other, or Contractor costs to the Quick Post Cost window yields the same results as posting these costs to the Work Order / Cost sections. Links at the top of the grid (Add Cost, Add Labor, Add Part, Add Other Charge, or Add Contractor Charge) are available; however, when the window opens, the QP Cost Entry flyout opens by default with a Cost Type of Labor.

  1. Accept or change the Cost Type as needed. The fields on the flyout change depending on the selection.
  2. Type or select the related Work Order #.
  3. Complete the required fields.
  4. Complete any elective fields as needed.
  5. Select the Save or Save & Add button to add more records.

Line items display in the background Quick Post Cost window as you enter and save more data.

After you add a few records, choose the Save button on the flyout to view the line items. You can edit or delete line items until you select Save on the WebTMA toolbar. Once you save the records, WebTMA writes the information to the database and clears lines from the window. Select the desired link at the top of the grid to re-open the entry flyout and continue adding line items.


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