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Path: Material > Sales > Material Requests / Identity Tab

Most organizations that use the WebTMA Materials Management functions prefer that employees have prior approval from a manager or supervisor before items are issued from the Warehouse. Employees use the Material Requests window to submit a written request, which gives managers a quick approval option.

Material Requests Details

Parts available for request are restricted based on the logged-in user’s Warehouse access privileges, i.e., when a user only has access to a few Warehouses, he or she can only request Parts from the Warehouses to which access is granted. In cases where the record is created by someone with different privileges, the logged-in user can see the lines created but cannot edit or delete those Part lines. In addition, lines can only be converted to a Material Request if the approver has access to the associated Warehouse for the Part.

If you need an item that is not kept in stock, you have the option of using the OTS (One Time Sales) check box when making your request.

To see full information about the requestor's department, select the Department Name label to open the Department window.

How to Create a Material Request

On the Materials Request window:

  1. Choose Add on the WebTMA toolbar.
  2. Complete the required and elective fields as needed.
  3. Select the Add Material Request Line link in the Material Request Line Details Section.
  4. Choose the Part Code on the Material Request Entry flyout.
  5. Complete the other required fields.
  6. Choose the Save button option on the flyout.
  7. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar when all requests are entered.


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