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Although similar to the Receiving window, the Receiving Staging window is an interim step when mobile devices are used to record "raw" Receivings. After transfer to WebTMA from the mobile device, the information is held in the database until it is approved by a supervisor from the Receiving Staging window. Each Receiving Staging record only applies to a single PO #.

Receiving Staging Details

The Receiving Staging window does not include cost information because it is only concerned with the number of Parts that have been received. Costs are handled when the staging is converted to an actual Receiving record.

All data comes from the mobile device; therefore, the window does not have Add or Delete functions. Supervisors browse through the records to find received items of interest. The same Purchase Order number may display for multiple Receiving Staging records. This accommodates multiple order lines or partial shipments.

Once located, a supervisor can perform either of two actions:

  • Receive
  • Cancel

Once a Receiving Staging record is converted or canceled, it cannot be acted upon again. This prevents the mobile staging records from being received multiple times.

Conversion of Receiving Staging

Use the Action Menu Receive link when you are ready to convert a Receiving Staging record. The received quantity of each item that was uploaded from the mobile unit is carried over to the Receivings window. The Technician that uploaded the staging record is transferred to the Technician Code field on the Receiving flyout. If the PO did not have a Warehouse specified, the Warehouse Code on the Receiving Staging record is populated on the Receiving window.

All items listed on the Receiving Staging window are converted; no options are available to delete specific lines.

  1. Choose the Receive link, and WebTMA automatically opens the Receiving flyout in Add mode.
  2. Make any needed changes.
  3. Select Save on the Receiving flyout.

The Receiving Staging record is marked Processed and cannot be converted again. Processed records cannot be canceled.

Cancel Receiving Staging

Use the Action Menu Cancel link to cancel an uploaded record. Canceled records cannot be converted. Cancellation may be needed to remove a duplicate staging upload if more than one Technician uploads the same information.

Choose the Cancel link on the Action Menu, and WebTMA marks the record as Cancelled.


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