Inventory Management - WebTMA 7

Inventory relates to the materials stored at your organization; however, managing inventory in WebTMA requires several modules to maintain complete records. The related modules allow you to track the Part Vendor or Manufacturer, the date Parts are ordered and received, and Warehouses where items are stored.

Setting up inventory in WebTMA requires defining at least one Warehouse. Initially, Parts are added to the Warehouse using the Part record.

Once an inventory of Parts is established in WebTMA, Parts can be issued to a Work Order and cross-referenced to Vendors and maintenance-worthy items (MWI).

SKU Numbers

Parts are identified by their SKU number, which is a combination of the Part Code and Warehouse Code separated by a hyphen. For example, Part Number 2200 in Warehouse 001 has a SKU code of 2200-001. On many windows, the Part field requires the SKU code; however, the Parts window does not show the SKU code because the Part can be assigned to more than one Warehouse.

Stock Levels

You can establish minimum and maximum stock levels and identify the bin location. The system displays a message when the available number is decreased to the minimum quantity. The message alerts you when you post costs from the Work Order / Costs Tab, Quick-Post Cost, Quick-Post Materials, and Materials > On-hand Adjustments (Code 5 only).

Parts and Purchase Orders

When you create WebTMA Purchase Orders, existing Part information is referenced for reordering and includes the last purchase price.


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