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Reports are divided into general Parent Categories and filtered by the category listed in the tree. In the left pane, select the arrow adjacent to a Parent Category name to expand the list of Categories that apply to that Parent.

Select the Parent Category of interest, choose a Category if needed, and select the related reports.

A check mark in the Special column indicates that the report cannot be copied or modified.

Some reports, such as Equipment Detail Sheet, are intended to provide information about a single record. When you attempt to print reports like this from Report Manager, the report includes all records, and may cause a time-out error. It is included in the Report Manager to allow you to copy and modify the report. The Report Description indicates the reports that should be run from the specific window.

The list of reports can be sorted by selecting the heading of a column. Regardless of the number of reports listed, i.e., several pages in the case of All, all reports in the list are sorted. You can also sort by more than one column. For example, select Parent Category and then select Category to alphabetize all the category lines within each Parent Category.

Parent Categories

The list in the left pane indicates the Parent Categories. When you select one of these, the name displays in the Parent Category column. A Parent Category with an arrow includes a list of Categories that display in the Category Column.

Viewing Reports

The term 'viewable' refers to reports that can be viewed by selecting the View buttons at the bottom of the window. Not all reports should be run from the Report Manager; typically these are the detailed reports intended to be run from the individual record. Caveats about these detailed reports are included in the Report Description. Choose either Quick View or View Report to select viewing options.

My Report

My Reports are reports you use frequently.

  1. Select the desired Report.
  2. Choose the Add To My Report button at the bottom of the window.

If a My Report entry is no longer used:

  1. Choose the My Report Category.
  2. Highlight the unused report.
  3. Select the Delete My Report button.

How to View and Print Reports

Many times a report requires selected criteria in order to generate a report. The criteria selections depend on the report you choose. Criteria frequently include a date range to narrow the focus.

  1. Highlight the report line item.
  2. Choose the Quick View or View Report button to open the Print Options flyout. Options in the Report Criteria Section change depending on the report selected.
  3. Complete the parameters or criteria.
  4. Select the desired print output button (PDF, HTML, Excel, etc.).


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