Default Account Number in Other Modules - WebTMA 7

In addition to the Work Order window, the Account fields on some windows can be populated based on a default account number in other windows.

Time & Attendance Accounts

For every line entered from the Time Manager > Time & Attendance window there is an Account # field.

The account number for this field will default to the account number shown on the selected Technician's record. The number displays on the Work Order / Costs Tab as well as the Work Order / Billing Info Tab.

Fuel & Oil Tickets Accounts

On the Transactions > Quick-Post > Fuel & Oil window, the Charge check box is clear by default; if you check it, the ticket is chargeable.

The Account Charged field will default to the account number designated on the Vehicle or Equipment record.

Sales Order Accounts

On all Sales Orders windows, the Charge? check box is marked by default to make the order chargeable. Clear the check box if the item is not chargeable.


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