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Linked Documents on the Navigation Panel displays a list of files attached to the current record. Use these links to review supplemental information about the record. You can attach Image, PDF, Document, Video, Audio, and URL Document Categories. Work Orders can also include Linked Documents attached to affiliated records.

If a paperclip icon displays after >Last on the toolbar LinkedDocumentsIndicator.png, at least one linked document has been added to the record.

When you select the Linked Documents Section of the Navigation Panel, links to all the documents for the given record are immediately visible.

The default display is the file name, but you can select the name and display a description below the line.

Choose the Btn_DownloadDoc.png Download icon to download a document and open or save for viewing. The download image allows you to print that file but gives the option to print to a different print destination if a default is set up. Click the Btn_URL_Link.png Go to URL icon for linked URLs.

Work Orders and Linked Documents

Work Orders can display many Linked Documents. These can be both documents added to the Work Order itself as well as any Linked Documents associated with affiliated records. The eligible affiliated records are: Tasks, Request Log, Locations (Facility, Building, Area, Floor), and Items (Equipment, Vehicle, Asset, Group, Tool, Entity, Biomed, IT Equipment).

When needed, you have the option to prevent any of the eligible Linked Documents from displaying with the Work Order.

On the Work Order window, WebTMA gives you visual cues about the source of a Linked Document. At a glance, you can determine whether the linked file is from a record other than the Work Order. Linked Documents added from the Work Order display the Edit Btn_EditTheCurrentMenu.png symbol as illustrated above.

Select a Linked Document name on the Navigation Panel to see an expanded list of details about the document including the source record Type.

How to Add Linked Documents


Linked Document files are added to the record that is currently open.

From the Linked Documents section of the Navigation Panel:

  1. Select the Add Document Btn_AddDocument.png icon at the top of the Navigation Panel to open the Manage Documents flyout window.
  2. Complete the Description (identifying name), Document Category, and Document Store (where the document will be stored).
  3. (Optional) Mark the Suppress from Work Order check box to prevent this document from displaying or downloading from the Work Order.
  4. Select the Browse for File button and locate the file.
  5. Choose the Save button.

How to Delete a Linked Document

  1. Open the applicable record.
  2. Choose the Btn_EditTheCurrentMenu.png Edit the Current Menu icon. Notice that the display shows a minus sign (‒) at the right of any document eligible for deletion.
  3. Select the minus sign (‒) to remove lines.
  4. Choose the Btn_SaveChanges_Favorites.png Save Changes above the Linked Documents label.

How to Print Linked Images in Reports

You have the option to select a linked image to print with Reports. If you have several linked images, only one can be designated to print.

  1. Open Linked Documents on the Navigation Panel.

  2. Choose the Btn_EditTheCurrentMenu.png Edit the Current Menu icon.

  3. Select the Btn_PrinterDim.png printer icon for the image of your choice.

  4. Choose the Btn_SaveChanges_Favorites.png Save Changes icon.

NOTE: The selected printer icon is black rather than gray.


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