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Path: Admin > Dashboard Access Configuration

After creating Tabs and Controls from the My Dashboard Action Menu, the WebTMA System Administrator uses the Dashboard Access Configuration window to determine who has access to specific Tabs. The Tabs are created from My Dashboard, and they are added automatically to the list of Tabs available on the Dashboard Access Configuration window.

The window is used to specify the Tabs a User or Group can view. Use the window to designate standard My Dashboard Tabs for different categories of personnel.

REMINDER: Permission to Add or Edit My Dashboard is granted from User Management > Records / Window Access (File–My Dashboard). This also applies to User Management > Groups / Window Access.

My Dashboard Tabs Configuration

Path: Admin > Dashboard Access Configuration

Typically, the WebTMA System Administrator is the person who creates the Tabs and Controls as well as assigns them to Users and Groups. Note that if User settings are different from Group settings, the sequence on the User record takes precedence.

The Dashboard Access Configuration window is automatically updated with each Tab as they are created from My Dashboard.

On the Dashboard Access Configuration window:

  1. Locate the Tab to be modified.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Choose the Add Users or Add Groups link on the Users or Groups Section.
  4. Select Users or Groups on the flyout.
  5. Choose the Add Selected button on the flyout.
  6. Mark the check boxes for View or Edit for Users. Groups include Default Visibility or Default Order. See the definitions below.
  7. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

Default Visibility The Groups Section Default Visibility check box determines if the Tab appears the first time a User logs in after receiving access. If the Group does not have permission to edit My Dashboard, check the Default Visibility box. If the Group has Edit access, set the Default Visibility based on the importance of the information on the Tab. In other words, mark the check box for Tabs with high-priority information.

Default Order Group access requires a setting in the Default Order field. Type a sequence number in this field to identify the order of appearance of the Tab on My Dashboard.


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