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In general, My Dashboard Controls are created and added to Tabs by the WebTMA System Administrator. The administrator can create a number of different controls and use the Import Controls link on the Action Menu to copy Controls to other Tabs. This allows an administrator to create a general set of Controls, copy them to other Tabs, and edit to customize depending on the need. Controls can be individually selected, or, if none are selected, all Controls on the selected Tab are copied to the new Tab.

Types of Controls

WebTMA offers several types of Controls. The selection depends on the needs of your organization. You can have several types of Controls on a single Tab, or you may prefer to have specialized Tabs for Controls such as the Executive Dashboard charts.

Bulletin:  Create a text box you can update regularly with current announcements about the organization or department. The window includes text formatting options as well as a way to insert hyperlinks, images, and tables.

Grid:  Create Queries for modules, such as Equipment, Work Order, or Task, and use the Grid Control to display the query results in Standard, Summary, Multi, Map, or Details format. Standard and Details present the information in slightly different formats. Summary gives you options to aggregate information as well. Multi gives you a way to add more than one query to the Control. Map is only available if you have the optional GIS module.

Report List:  This Control Type is used to create a list of hyperlinks to specific reports. When you select a link, WebTMA opens the report.

Add Item:  This Control Type is used to open a given window in Add mode with one touch. The window opens in a separate Tab.

Bar, Pie, Digital, Dial:  These Controls are available if you purchase the Executive Dashboard. You can define the Control and display it on the Home page or on a separate Tab for Executive Dashboard Controls.

How to Add New My Dashboard Controls

The following instructions show how to add Controls and content to a My Dashboard Tab.

  1. Select the desired Tab.
  2. Choose Edit on the WebTMA toolbar. Note: If you change Tabs in Edit mode, My Dashboard returns to View mode.
  3. Select the Add New Control link on the Action Menu to open the Add Item flyout.
  4. Choose the desired icon in the Control Type Section (the default is Grid). Fields in the Configuration Section change depending on your choice of Control Type. See Types of Controls for definitions of these Controls.
  5. Enter the Name of the Control. This displays on the Control title bar in View mode.
  6. Complete the other fields in the Configuration Section to add content.
  7. Choose the Save button on the flyout.
  8. Drag-and-drop your controls to arrange them on the Tab or use the standard MS Windows resizing process.
  9. Select Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

REMINDER: Add or edit permission for My Dashboard is granted from User Management > Records / Window Access (File–My Dashboard). This also applies to User Management > Groups / Window Access.

Bulletin Configuration


Use numerous options to create bulletins that get attention. Selections in the Format drop-down list includes various font sizes. The standard bold, italic, underline, and alignment buttons can enhance your text even more.

In addition, you can add a hyperlink with options to Open link in new window. When you add Text, your words display rather than the URL. A Tooltip can also be added to further explain the link.

Pictures and tables can also be added using Insert Image and Create a Table.

Click the Preview button to display in the Preview Section and check your design before saving.

Grid Configuration


For any WebTMA window that has a saved query, select the Base Window name and the Base Query. Choose the radio button option to determine how much information to see (Standard, Summary, Multi, Map, or Details). The Multi option is used for adding several queries. The Map option is only available if you have the optional GIS module.

In addition, if you select Request Log as the Base Window, the Show Accept Request Button check box is added to the Configuration Section. Mark the check box if you want to accept requests from the generated grid list. With this setting, the Show Accept Request Button displays in the first column of the actual grid. Authorized users can click the link to accept the Request from My Dashboard.

Click the Preview button to display in the Preview Section and check your layout before saving.

Report List Configuration


The Name field displays in the title bar of the Control. It can be used to describe the general intent of the reports included in the Control.

Use this Configuration Section to add a list of frequently consulted reports. You can edit the Control and remove reports if needed.

Click the Preview button to display in the Preview Section and check your layout before saving.

Add Item Configuration


The Name field displays in the title bar of the Control. It can be used to describe the
general intent of the reports included in the Control.
Add Comments if desired, and select the Base Window you want to open. Once the Control is saved and the underlying My Dashboard Tab is saved, you can select the control and immediately open the window you designated in Add mode and ready for input.


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