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The Area / Template Mass Update window is used to change information on many Area records at one time. You can change any or all of the following on selected Area records:

  • Active Status (Area / Identity Tab)
  • Actual Sq. Ft. (Area / Identity Tab Actual Sq Ft field and Area / Custodial Info Tab Sq Ft field)
  • Custodial Template Code (Area / Custodial Info Tab Template Code field)
  • Flooring (Area / Custodial Info Tab Flooring field)

How to List Area / Template Records

Use the Query flyout to specify the criteria and filter your search. In this case you are searching for the locations you want to update.

  1. Click the Add Criteria link, to select an additional field to filter your search.
  2. (Optional) Repeat to add more filter conditions.
  3. (Optional) Click Group Criteria to use AND or OR grouping. The OR Grouping, AND Grouping, and Cancel Grouping options are only available once you have added several criteria lines.
  4. Select at least two lines and click either the OR Grouping or AND Grouping to add grouping conditions.
  5. Click Cancel Grouping to return to the Add Criteria option.
  6. Click the List Results button to see results. As with other WebTMA queries, you can opt to use Save Query if this will be used regularly.

How to Make Mass Update to Area Records

Once the list is generated:

  1. Mark the check boxes of the Areas you wish to update.
  2. Click the Mass Update button to open the Area Mass Update flyout.
  3. Check the Include box for desired fields. See definitions below.
  4. Click the Update button, and you receive a message "Selected records have been successfully updated."

Unless the Include check box for each option is checked, your changes are not invoked. When you mark or select a field and tab out, WebTMA automatically marks the corresponding Include check box; however, if you want to Inactivate records, the Include box must be checked and the Active box must be clear.

When you click the Update button, WebTMA makes your included changes to all the selected Area records.

Comments. Add comments to the Comment field.

Active. Mark the Area record as Active or Inactive on the Area / Identity Tab.

Actual Sq. Ft. Add the same Actual Sq Ft to each Area record. This applies to the Actual Sq Ft field on the Area / Identity Tab and the Sq Ft field on the Area / Custodial Info Tab.

Template Description. Assign or change the Custodial Template that applies to the selected Area records.

Flooring. Select the type of Flooring



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