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Path: Transactions > Custodial > Custodial Inspection

Use the Custodial Inspection window to list the locations and items for a Custodial Inspection and to view Custodial Inspections that are batch generated using instructions found in Custodial Inspection Generation.

Selections for inspections created from this window are limited to the previously established Inspection Forms. After selecting the form, a random set of areas is automatically loaded.

Custodial Inspection Details

The Manual Close field is used to cancel the inspection when the inspection is not done.

If you don't use mobileCustodial, you can print this window and give the printout to inspectors to make their notes.

Columns on the Inspection Point (child) lines include Current Qty and Insp.Qty. The Current Qty column indicates the number of items in a room. The value is based on either the Custodial Template Default or from the Area record if the value has been overwritten. If the cell is empty, it indicates that the item was removed after the Custodial Inspection was created.

The Insp. Qty is empty by default. This is available to allow an Inspector to take a real-time inventory of an Area during the inspection and update the quantity. Once the Custodial Inspection record is saved, any values added to the Insp. Qty column update the tables and can be seen on the Area / Custodial Info Tab.

How to Create a Custodial Request

Inspection Points on a saved Custodial Inspection are eligible to be submitted as a Request based the following conditions:

  • Your organization uses the optional Request Management module
  • The Custodial Inspection Form includes a Request Type
  • The Custodial Inspection window includes at least one Inspector on the Inspector Tab

In Edit mode for the Inspection record:

  1. Click the pencil icon (Edit) for an Inspection Point line item.
  2. Add Comments and other information as needed.
  3. Check the Create Request box.
  4. Click the Save button on the Point Edit flyout.
  5. Continue with other Inspection Point lines on the Inspection record as needed.
  6. Click Save on the WebTMA toolbar.

After the full record is saved, WebTMA creates a Request record that can be found at Transactions > Request > Request Log. The inspection Comments carry over to the Action Requested field and the Custodial Inspector is the Requestor. At this point, this become a regular WebTMA Request and follows any procedures you have in place to manage Requests.

Inspector Tab

Include inspectors authorized to download the Custodial Inspection to their device.


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