Custodial Info on Areas Window - WebTMA 7

Path: Organization > Areas > Records / Custodial Info Tab

The Custodial Info Tab is visible on the Areas window when you use the optional Custodial Management module. The Tab is used to indicate the Template associated with the specific Area as well as the Items in the Area.

The Flooring field allows you to indicate the exact type of flooring in the Area. The type of flooring is also found in the Areas / Misc–HVAC Section. In the Misc–HVAC Section, the field is labeled Flooring 1.

The Route Count field in the General Information Section of the Custodial Info Tab indicates the number of Routes tied to the current Area. Scroll down to the CD Routes Section to see a list of those Routes. The list includes Route Code, Description, and Is Project status. The Route Code is a hyperlink to the Custodial Route. Click the link to open the record in a new window.


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