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Custodial Management module makes use of several Lookups Types or settings specific to the Custodial Management module.

Custodial Deficiency

Path: Organization > Lookups / Custodial Deficiency

This Lookup Type applies to the Custodial module. When conducting Custodial inspections, the inspector can add specific reasons for inspection ratings. For example, if the trash can rating is "Fail", (s)he can include the reason for the failure, such as 'not emptied' or 'unclean'.

Custodial Inspection Form Type

Path: Organization > Lookups / Custodial Inspection Form Type

This Lookup Type applies to the Custodial module only. These are the types and optional subtypes used to classify Custodial Inspection Forms.

Custodial Inspection Rating

Path: Organization > Lookups > Custodial Inspection Rating

This Lookup Type can be used to enhance the existing hardcoded APPA rating level of 1-5. If you chose to import Custodial data, the five APPA standard levels of cleanliness are added to this table.

When you use the Inspection Ratings, you can record the cleanliness levels observed during a Custodial Inspection. You also have the option to set up a N/A code that does not require a Score. This lets the system know that the item was inspected without a rating. An item with a Null score does not affect the calculated score.

The score is used to calculate averages based on the scoring system you choose: APPA or Custom.

Custodial Inspection Result Type

Path: Organization > Lookups / Custodial Inspection Result Type

The Custodial Inspection Result Type allows you to create Types for different kinds of inspections.

Custodial Items

Path: Organization > Lookups / Custodial Item

Custodial Items are the items reviewed by supervisors during Custodial Inspections. Items marked as a Custodial Item can have other uses as well. The window includes a field that links a Custodial Item to a Unit of Measure.

The Area SF Sync check box, when marked, indicates that a Custodial Item's value is tied to the Area record's square footage. When the Area record's square footage is updated, any Custodial items for that Area that have the Area SF Sync check box marked have their quantity updated to match the updated Area record's square footage.

Custodial Task Types

Path: Organization > Lookups / Custodial Task Types

The Custodial Task Type window is used to classify Custodial Tasks. Note that Custodial Tasks are not associated with regular Tasks defined in WebTMA.

Custodial Template Types

Path: Organization > Lookups / Custodial Template Types

The Custodial Template Type Lookup is used to classify Custodial Templates.

Request Types

Path: Organization > Lookups / Request Types

The Request Types Lookup includes a Custodial Request check box. On the Custodial Inspection Form window, you can choose to select a Custodial Request (not required).

If an Inspection is based on a Form that includes a Custodial Request Type, you can submit work requests for specific Inspection Points if you have the Request module. Requests for Custodial Inspection points are made from the grid on the Custodial Inspection window. Check the Create Request box on the Point Edit flyout to make the Request.


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