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Using the general methodology adapted by APPA, Custodial Management adopts these basic rules:

  1. Appearance Levels. The appearance of a space declines when cleaning activities take place less frequently.
  2. Standard Space Classifications. Different types of spaces have different cleaning requirements. No two types of space are cleaned in the same manner. Cleaning requirements were gathered by APPA to deal with thirty-three distinct types of spaces.

Although this methodology is based on APPA's initial research, Custodial Management does not limit your Custodial manager to using APPA standards. You can create your own template based on your facility's experience, and you can use APPA cleaning Tasks or your own custom Tasks.

Methodology Summary

Have an accurate space inventory for which the Custodial organization is responsible. The more accurate your measurements, the more accurate your estimates and budgeting will be. Map each Area type in WebTMA to the Custodial space categories. If you don't see an exact match, select the closest match that exists.

These methods assume that the time to clean any given type of space is directly proportional to the amount of space being cleaned. Granted, this is a simplistic way to calculate staffing levels, but it is much better than not using any numbers at all.

Using this methodology, the module should allow you to answer the following questions:

  • How many people do I need to clean my facility at a specified cleaning level?
  • What level of cleanliness can my current staffing levels support?
  • By selecting a given type of space, what is a reasonable amount of time to clean that type of space?

Always keep in mind that these reports, graphs, and results are based on averages and are not concrete numbers. It would be unfair to hold your staff strictly to these numbers as there are too many variables involved. These averages are as close to engineered numbers as can be attained by averaging the reports from many different facilities.

What is important is that you have a sound methodology to request staffing increases and to budget for future years based on national standards. When submitting budgets, it is also important that you have the background knowledge to explain the methodology to your superiors so they can understand why your numbers make sense and are logical.


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