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Request Log for mobileTMA GO iOS - WebTMA 7

Path: Menu > Work Order > Request Log

Technicians can create and submit a request using Request Log.

If a Technician notices work that should be performed and is not related to the current Work Order or if a client points out another problem, the Technician can tap the NewBlue Plus sign on white background button at the upper right and create a request.

Although a Technician can create a Request from the mobileTMA GO Request Log, a Request cannot be uploaded unless the logged in user has permission, i.e., User Management > Records / Mobile Access Tab–MobileTMA GO Section in WebTMA includes Add for the Request Log line.

If the Technician record does not have this permission, the Request remains on the device until the record is deleted by swiping left and tapping the Delete button, clearing it, or the Technician is granted permission to Add requests.

How to Submit Requests



















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